Minimalist seamless wallet/ OAK BROWN

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We’re excited to introduce our latest minimalist wallet model. This wallet isn’t just regular – it’s special. It shows the beauty of keeping things simple. No stitching, no glue, no extra layers – just really great design. It is crafted from premium leather, and perfectly matching hardware.

 Even though it's small, it fits your cards, bills, and even coins without any trouble. On the wallet’s backside, a dedicated compartment for your most-used card, ensuring quick access whenever you need it. And when you're done, you can close the wallet easily with a gentle click because of the magnet.

 Make your life easier and look stylish with one of our minimalist wallet.


  • Full grain Crazy Horse leather. It is called crazy horse, because this type of leather is very popular with horse saddles as it is durable and strong. One of its exclusive features is ageing effect.

  • In time leather color gradually changes, becomes richer, and the leather itself develops a beautiful and distinct patina. The more you use, the nicer it looks.

  •  Comfortably fits up to 12 business cards.

  • Two compartments. One for coins, one for cards and one compartment on a wallet’s backside for your most used card.

  • Magnetic closure

  •  Dimensions: 11cm. x 7,5cm. (4,3in. x 2,9in.)

  • Assembled with Chicago screws.


    One of the exclusive features of the Crazy Horse leather is the ageing effect. Over time, this leather seems to take on a life of its own: the colour gradually changes, becomes richer, and the leather itself develops a beautiful and distinct patina. It is called Crazy Horse (distressed leather), because this type of leather is widely used in horse saddles as it is durable and strong.

    Crazy Horse leather is full-grain leather that is considered to be of the highest quality and most expensive leather. Full grain leather has a natural leather surface, is strong, gets better and more beautiful with time and usage.

    As much as the marks and scratches on a Crazy Horse leather tell the story of its use, not everyone likes them. If you want to make your Crazy Horse leather look as good as new, apply a leather balm.

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