Making accessories we combine two complementary materials: natural wool felt and full grain Vegetable tanned or Crazy Horse leather. We use only carefully selected full grain leather.

vegetable tanned leather accessories

Vegetable tanned leather is one of the most valuable thus more expensive leather. It is dyed using tannins naturally found in plants. Only 10% of all leather produced in the world is processed using this natural and environmentally friendly leather dyeing technique. Vegetable tanning doesn’t conceal the natural leather texture and unique markings. Leather colour, affected by the sun and wear, reveals its beauty and intensifies in time. 

We use Italian Vegetable tanned leather made in Tuscany. Tannery we work with makes only Vegetable tanned leather and belongs to Tuscany Vegetable tanned leather consortium. Only 20 tanneries have this exceptional quality sign meaning leather is made using only vegetable-tanning extracts and every skin is made by skillful master tanners following the artisan traditions, social and environmental responsibility.


It is called Crazy horse (distresses leather), because this type of leather is very popular with horse saddles as it is durable and strong. One of its exclusive features is ageing effect. Over time Crazy Horse leather seems to take on a life of its own: the colour gradually changes, becomes richer and the leather itself develops a beautiful and distinct patina.


full grain leather

Full grain leather is highest quality and most expensive leather. It means that grain of the leather is not removed. Only this kind of leather has natural leather surface with leather wrinkles seen and imperfections making this leather and your item unique. This kind of leather is strong, durable and ages beautifully. The more you use, the better it looks. 


  • Dust and dirt should be removed with a soft cloth.
  • For the stains cleaning use diluted soap. Clean the entire area rather than only the spot as cleansing will darken the colour. Allow to dry fully, then apply conditioning treatment. Bear in mind that conditioning leather will darken it slightly. Use leather care products based on natural oils and beeswax. Beeswax works for water resistance.
  • Leather scratches remove with leather balsam. Use leather balsam to all the product.
  • If your leather product gets soaked in water, allow it to dry naturally and never under an artificial heat source.