Our story starts far away from the urban noise and crowded areas of active city life. This haven of tranquility is the calm and boundless fields of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa where the finest wool comes from the merino sheep that graze there. Wool felt - one of the oldest man-made textiles - hits the streets again in the 21st century.
Every CITYSHEEP item is a distinctive creation made of natural materials and inspired by minimalism and urban aesthetics.  
CitySheep cases studio
Everything started with the wish of lending a new value to old, authentic items and transferring some of that value to our hectic modern times. The idea of creating casual felt accessories came by chance, as we discovered merino wool felt intended for products of design, - very durable, yet soft, mild and color saturated. A perfect choice for sophisticated interiors, clothing and accessory solutions. After receiving our first roll of felt we started to experiment.  
Felt leather cases
At first we didn’t have the slightest idea of felt, its technological characteristics or how easy it was to work with. We did, however, have a vision that our items should be different from the usual and be aesthetic, functional, high-quality and durable. Although wool felting had been around for centuries before humans learned to weave textiles, we had to make an extra effort to learn to manage this material with precision.

Felt tablet cases

Thus in a couple of years of daily endeavor and search the first CITYSHEEP cases were born. Inspiring user responses urged us to move on…

Today, we use genuine leather and natural German-milled 100% Merino wool design felt which is appreciated the world over as being a very high quality and durable material, preferred by renowned fashion and interior designers.
Handcrafted leather goods packaging