Felt Desk Pad / Light Grey

€50,15 €59

Get comfy, stay stylish, and keep things clean – all with one large desk pad. Your workspace makeover starts here!


  • 100% NATURAL MERINO WOOL FELT. Crafted from 3mm. pure Merino wool felt, this 100% natural wool felt desk pad is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and renewable choice for your workspace. 

  • SOFT, BREATHABLE, COZY. Our premium quality merino wool felt desk mat is soft, gentle, and pleasant to touch. When touching synthetic felt (made from plastic), you will feel it is unnatural. Natural wool felt has its special coziness, softness, and feel.

  • ENHANCED STABILITY OPTIONS: Tailor your choice based on your device. For laptop users, the non-slip version might not be essential due to laptop’s added weight. PC users, on the other hand, can opt for the anti-slip variant, featuring a subtle natural latex coating for improved grip. If you decide on the desk mat without anti-slip backing, both sides of the mat are usable.

  • NON-PILLING AND DURABLE: Invest in a wool desk pad that stands the test of time. Natural wool felt doesn’t lint or stretch, is water, soil, and environmental odor resistant material.

  • SMOOTH MOUSE MOVEMENT: Effortlessly glide your mouse over the smooth surface of the desk mat. Minimize friction and noise for a comfortable and productive workspace.

  • PROTECTS YOUR DESK: This high-quality product makes your desk look more modern and organized and protects your desk surface from scratches, stains, and heat.


  • ITALIAN VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER. Our logo is embossed to a small highest quality leather element.

CITYSHEEP products are made of 100% natural, premium quality German Merino wool design felt. Merino wool felt is distinguished by a special softness and durability.
Natural Merino wool felt is water, soil and flame resistant. It doesn’t crease, stretch or lint and protects things against hits. It is biodegradable and renewable natural resource.


Vegetable tanned leather is one of the most valuable thus more expensive leather. It is dyed using tannins naturally found in plants. Only 10% of all leather produced in the world is processed using this natural and environmentally friendly leather dyeing technique. Vegetable tanning doesn’t conceal the natural leather texture and unique markings. Leather colour, affected by the sun and wear, reveals its beauty and intensifies in time. 

We use Italian Vegetable tanned leather made in Tuscany. Only 20 tanneries have this exceptional quality sign which indicates that the leather is treated by using only vegetable-tanning extracts. Also, every skin is made by skilful master tanners following the artisan traditions as well as social and environmental standards.

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GLS, UPS or other courier services. Delivery takes around a week (4-6 business days). This possibility we can offer only for customers from Europe.
Price 5.00 EUR.


Via DHL Express Shipping service it will take 2-4 business days item to arrive to any country in the World. Don’t forget to write your phone number as the courier might contact you before delivery. Price 25.00 EUR.

Please note that customised or personalised items we do not accept for returns.

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