COMFY MacBook Case/ Dark grey felt & Brown leather/

€58,65 €69

The lightweight and soft COMFY case will envelop your MacBook snugly yet gently at the same time will give it best protection from bumps and scratches.

It is made from softest and gentlest Merino wool felt. You will feel it every time you touch your case. It is soft, also especially durable material. It will last you ages and look the same beautiful with time gone by. Natural Merino wool felt because of lanolin, the natural wool-fat, is water and soil resistant. Drops of water simple drop off the material without being absorbed. The dirt doesn’t penetrate inside and may be brushed off with ease. It also doesn’t crease, stretch or lint and protects precious items from impacts. 

Natural Merino wool felt is not the same as Synthetic felt. Natural felt is soft, cosy and pleasant to touch. When touching synthetic felt, one may sense the material is unnatural. Synthetic felt will stretch and lint in time.

  • 100% Natural Merino wool felt;
  • Fits snugly;
  • Full grain leather loop for a pen;
  • Sustainable choice. Merino wool felt is natural, biodegradable and renewable material as sheep wool grows back in a year.

CITYSHEEP products are made of 100% natural, premium quality German Merino wool design felt. Merino sheep are prized for their fine fur and considered to be the highest quality sheep’s wool. Felt made of this material is distinguished by a special softness and durability.
Natural Merino wool felt is water, soil and flame resistant. It doesn’t crease, stretch or lint and protects things against hits. It is biodegradable and renewable natural resource, as sheep wool grows back in a year!
Wool felt is one of the oldest man-made textiles, reliving its renaissance these days.


One of the exclusive features of the Crazy Horse leather is the ageing effect. Over time, this leather seems to take on a life of its own: the colour gradually changes, becomes richer, and the leather itself develops a beautiful and distinct patina. It is called Crazy Horse (distressed leather), because this type of leather is widely used in horse saddles as it is durable and strong.

Crazy Horse leather is full-grain leather that is considered to be of the highest quality and most expensive leather. Full grain leather has a natural leather surface, is strong, gets better and more beautiful with time and usage.

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